What is Permanent Makeup?

You can find detailed information about women’s new choice of permanent makeup.

Permanent makeup ; The face is applied to the eyebrow, eye and lip areas as well as for medical purposes.
Natural water-based paint consisting of pigments; the skin is injected into the upper skin.
Permanent makeup differs from tattoos. Since the dyeing process is left on the dermal layer and not on the top layer of the skin, the application remains on the skin for a lifetime, but as the cell renews itself in the body, the dye pigments are removed from the body so that the permanence of the makeup varies between 2 and 5 years.
The duration of the permanent make-up procedure is approximately 1-2 hours.

Who Is Permanent Makeup Applied?


Who doesn’t want to waste time doing makeup

Those who do not want to swim in the pool, at sea, in the sauna

Disfigured eyebrows

Eyebrows are sparse or sparse people;

Those who do not have lip borders, who want to have a fuller and lively lips

Accident or illness

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