How to Apply Blush

Blush is a make-up product that colors the cheekbones of women and adds elegance to the face type. Although the use of blush is as easy as it may be, misuse can cause a bad image. So we must follow some rules when doing blush application

Blush application is the most important part of makeup. One of the makeup materials women can not give up is blush. Pink, peach and bornz blush on the cheekbones differentiate women. By changing the facial expression, the face is raised upward and tense. If you haven’t done makeup on that day, you can have a live look by blush. When using a blush, there are things to be aware of. Blush color that suits skin color and person should be selected. Correct and proper application. You can get the wrong color and a bad image in the application.

Which color blush should I use? Before that, you need to fine-tune your skin color ,you should definitely clarify what your skin tone is. The easiest way to determine the skin tone is to look at the color of the veins in the wrist. If the veins on the inside of your wrists are green, you have hot bottom tone. But in blue, you have a cold undertoned skin. If you have a warm bottom tone skin, peach and coral-colored blushs, pink and rose-colored blushes will be more suitable if you have a cold undertoned skin.

Powder Blush

Usually everyone uses powder blush. If you have oily skin, you should prefer dust. Powder blush is the most preferred product of oily skin. You can apply the blush after applying your foundation. It remains intact for a long time and does not glow. When the powder blush is in progress, we have to pay attention to the structure of our brush. It should be a thin and wide angle brush. We should use good quality and good brush. With the help of the brush, remove the powder by touching the brush. Blow gently on the brush on your brush. Smile and smile and apply the blush to the bottom of the cheekbone.

Cream Blush

Cream blushs are usually the savior of women in the summer. The use of cream blush in summer is comfortable. You can use these blushs as you wish at night, day or on the beach.Care should be taken when using cream blush. If it is exaggerated, you may encounter an exaggeration and a funny image. Moisten your skin. Then apply the cream scales to the cheekbones with your fingers with slight movements. We don’t prefer dark colors when buying these blushs. Choose clear and natural, soft tones.

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