What is telekinesis and how is made?

We will share with you the methods known to those who claim to perform telekinesis. If you’re wondering how telekinesis is done try it in your hands.

People have been interested in supernatural things since they existed. Perhaps this is the basis of why you wonder about telekinesis and encounter our research and writing. Although telekinesis may seem like a supernatural phenomenon, it also includes things that some of us do without knowing, and it is possible to perform telekinesis by working with faith. Let us examine this in more detail. Please note that there is no scientific evidence of what is said.

What is Telekinesis?

Telekinesis, an important psychic power studied by the Department of Parapsychology, intensifies the power of thought and creates effects on living or non-living substances. In terms of words; tele is a Greek word in the distant, distant meaning. Kinezi means moving.From there, we see that telekinesis means remote movement.

Telekinesis is a psychic origin of thought energy and its effects in the field of parapsychology have now been measured by electronic devices and the existence of this energy has been accepted. Many scientists have proven that we use this energy in daily times. There are times when we use this power inevitably. Rex Stanford, an American celebrity parapsychologist, has experimented on this energy and proved to be used in everyday life.One of the simplest examples is the arrival of the desired number in the membrane. In these studies, a factor that positively influenced this strength: the release of the concentration. In other words, we need to provide a great desire and concentration for the number we want the membrane to come in, then cut this concentration and desire at the moment the membranes are released.

Nina Kulagina (Nelya Mikhailova), who was born in 1926 and is Russian, is one of the people who entered the history of parapsychology with his telekinesis ability. In the experiments conducted with him, especially closed containers were used, proving that all external factors, including breathing, were eliminated. Among these experiments, the objects in the closed transparent boxes are moved remotely, in the same way as the egg’s white and yellow to re-assemble and speed up the heartbeat of another. Uri Geller is another famous psychic who claimed to perform telekinesis.

It should be said that the term telekinesis is mostly used by metapsychologists.Parapsychologists prefer to use the term psychokinesis.

Some famous illusionists, such as James Randi, claimed that such skills were just a handful of the spoon bending performances themselves.

How is telekinesis made?

The skill of telekinesis should be learned. The event is actually related to thought, brain, consciousness and belief. For scientists who believe that telekinesis exists, it is not a coincidence that some objects are sometimes lost, but telekinesis. Man’s unconscionable ability to spread to the environment.

In fact, the first time we meet someone is to be able to know or to feel the events beforehand is about the power of thought.

Believing in telekinesis is said to be the first substance to make it happen. The second is logic. Some things are said to be irrational, but with telekinesis they are actually against logic.the third important step is the goal. Your goal with this ability to make money, to attract attention or people should not be hurt. It should be realized that the aim here is to challenge the mind exercise and the real ones. Another thing you need for telekinesis is to get away from the relaxed environment and stress. It should be in a positive mode. There should be no distractions. The last step is time. Patience means everything for the ability of telekinesis.Every day should work for a certain time. Believing that you can’t do when the methods don’t work, you’ll get back, and even more. What you need to do is to keep working.

Houck Method

In this method, introduced with parties held since 1981, when the metal spoons are held, the participants are asked to think in a place where they are comfortable and they are told to think that there is an energy ball in front of them. In this way, they are asked to bend the spoon between their fingers and the energy passing through their fingertips, but it is said to dissipate the energy at the full exit.

Feeling Method

Hands are washed and a metal article is handled. They sit comfortably and relax, focusing on the feel of the metal with the fingertips. Do not apply force when imagining that the object is bent.

Hypnotic Infection

This method is not a method alone. The person is inserted into the hypnotic trance and is given the suggestion that the spoon can be bent at his own request. It is possible to bend the spoon if the suggestion is strong and the cognitive restrictions can be completely removed.

Ice Method

Ice should be placed on a flat surface and its water should be spread around. Trying to push it without touching it must be done with open fingers. Then, all fingers are combined to try to create a hand wind by imagining. Another method in the ice method is to try to pull yourself as a rope between ice and hand. If this is achieved, it is attempted to turn the ice.

Candle Method

A burning candle is placed on the table at a distance that is not affected by breath.Concentrate on the flame by crossing the candle. The flame is thought to lie right, left or back. Concentrate only in the desired direction. Caution should be released after a period of time when the flame is thought to be moving. This is the most important. Then continue in the same way again. After a few minutes the attention is released again.

What to do with telekinesis?

The most important things that can be done with telekinesis are:

  • With telekinesis, the goods can be moved without touching.
  • The shape of the objects can be changed.


The information given is not scientifically proven. Our news has been prepared in accordance with the information provided by those who claim to realize this experience.

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