What is Barista? I want to be a barista

The term barista is one of the new concepts in our lives. What is the barista?

What is Barista?

Barista is the person who prepares and presents coffee in Italy, the country where coffee culture is developed. The word Italian is in our language. The barista is actually an Italian word for the bartender we know.

What Features Should the Barista Have?

Should know the core of coffee, coffee machines to use and should be able to remove the main minor defects, the machine should be able to daily cleaning and maintenance. They should also know how to prepare soft drinks, not just coffee.

Barista should know the subtleties of coffee art and prepare different presentations.

Barista Courses

Special courses are organized to raise barista at different times in different parts of the world.Each course is awarded certificates for both national and international studies. In order to receive these certificates, it is necessary to go to the barista courses within the determined time and pass the courses through the courses.

In the Barista courses courses are taught about coffee, roasting and milling lessons, latte art, brewing types, tools used by baristas.

You may need to follow up the programs or contact them because the company that gives each coffee education opens its barista course on its own dates.

Kiva Khan, Istanbul Coffee Academy, Doors Akademi, Chef’s Table, Sheriff’s Coffee Factory.

Championship Every Year

The World Barista Championship was first held in Norway in 2000. Then it continued to be held regularly in different countries every year. 2015 was held in Seattle, USA in 2015. The 2016 stop was in Dublin, Ireland.

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