Selfie Stick Slowly Banned

Selfie started to gain an important place in almost everyone’s daily life. This activation of the selfie stick makes it easy to take selfies, but the problems it caused have been banned in some places.

The ‘selfie’ that emerged in the recent past turned into a passion for the whole world from 7 to 70. More space took the ‘selfie rods with the possibility of pulling the area. However, in recent days, people’s selfie curiosity by exaggerating the speed of self-driving cars, entertainment centers, such as selfie to take selfie in adventurous means began to cause accidents. The events that take place do not pave the way for selfie.

Some Entertainment Centers Prohibited The Selfie stick

In recent days, one of America’s biggest entertainment centers, ’Disneyland, France, in Euro Disneyland and then the White House, the veto continues to be banned in the selfie bar. The lad European Park ub, one of the biggest entertainment venues in Germany, also banned the selfie stick. In the city center of Freiburg, the selfi bar is being used by the customers on the high-speed train. There was also concern that the metal selfie stick could fall from height and damage visitors and the park’s technique. The restrictions on the selfie bar are expected to increase.

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