Information that helps us understand that a human being is selfish

Most of the time we try to stay away from people who think about themselves, do not like people who live for themselves. Selfish human behavior;

It is not difficult to understand that a person is selfish. Just let’s get these clues together. Because sometimes a friendly, benevolent beneath the benevolence of good intentions may arise. How do selfish people behave?

1.Thank you very rarely. They behave as if you are compelled to do a good, a behavior. They don’t condescend to thank. When you do a selfish favor, you rarely meet with a thank you. They don’t appreciate the things you do for them and think they deserve special treatment.

2.You understand that their behavior is fake. They approach people with fake and exaggerated kindness. Even if they don’t like the person in front of them, if they do, they’re not afraid to act like their closest friends.

3.They act very well, even if they hate you, they pretend to be fake.

4.They try to confuse you. A selfish friend, you often try to confuse your mind. It allows you to doubt your skills and value. Selfish people are skilled manipulators.

5.They want you to doubt yourself. That’s why they put things in your head.

6.They always expect goodness from the opposite side

7.They always want goodness from the other side, and when they come to them, they don’t want to do anything.
8.They use others for their own benefit. Selfish people constantly use others. They don’t even realize they’re wrong.
9.They never find a crime, they always use the people on the opposite side.
10.They always want special attention. They think they deserve special attention and behavior, and therefore they can ask for any kind of goodness without hesitation.
11.They always want something because they see themselves in the center of the world.
12.They are very loving and friendly. Selfish people are often very social, good and thoughtful people. Especially when they first meet someone. You may even think that they are the people who like to make people happy, but you will notice that they become lazy and different when they become more and more tense. They spoil you and take care of you until they want something from you.
13.The greatest feature of selfish people is that they ask you for something, but they do not favor you as a favor.

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