What is chronic fatigue? What are the symptoms

What is chronic fatigue? What are the symptoms and causes of chronic fatigue?What are the ways to get rid of chronic fatigue?

What is Chronic Fatigue?

Everyday activities are exhausting to each of us at a certain rate. When we rest, we throw away our tiredness and get our old dynamism. If you are resting enough, you can not get rid of fatigue and especially if you are having trouble getting up in the morning, if you feel the wounds you do not know why, if you feel exhausted, you are very likely to have chronic fatigue . Chronic fatigue can lead to severe nervous disorders when not treated.

In the studies conducted, people who have chronic fatigue have been suffering from long-lasting activities, business life etc. Although they did not change their status, there was no change.

Symptoms of chronic fatigue

  • The person has problems in being motivated and remembering,
  • He feels sore in his throat,
  • The cause is pain that cannot be described,
  • Feel the water in the joints,
  • Strong headaches,
  • Awakening in the morning and awakening
  • Most of the time it feels de-energized.

Those who feel these symptoms need to consult a specialist with suspicion of chronic fatigue. For some reasons, temporary fatigue can be overcome in a short time. However, chronic fatigue; Sports, vitamins and psychological help up to 6-7 months can be removed.

Causes of Chronic Fatigue

According to the researches of experts, the most common causes of this disease are virus based (bronchitis, colds, tonsils and ear problems). In other words, the weakness in the immune system is thought to cause chronic fatigue. The emergence and growth of the chronic fatigue problem proves the default. In addition, negative conditions such as nervous disorders, muscle and bone structure problems, environmental factors, stress can lead to chronic fatigue. In addition, environmental pollution, psychological factors, allergic factors, problems in the musculoskeletal system, and most importantly, intense stress, may be the causes of chronic fatigue syndrome.

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