What Good Asthma?Asthma fusion

Asthma, which is known as breathing difficulty, is not very desperate, it is not one of the bad diseases.

But you can alleviate asthma with some methods. There are so many medicinal plants in nature that not to benefit from them would be a bad thing to do ourselves.

Since asthma is a combination of many factors, there is no immune response to asthma.

Asthma is difficult to breathe, not breathing occurs. Since the person is unable to remove the air from his lungs regularly, which means he cannot breathe regularly, so the lungs swell.Another meaning is the narrowing of the air pipes in the lung.

Ways to protect from asthma

– If the person is frequently suffering from asthma, and the cause is allergic, the environment must be isolated immediately.

– It should be avoided as much as possible from stress, stress and tension.

– We need to get rid of our excess weight.

– It should not be smoked or smoking.

Medicinal plants that are good for asthma are indicated as follows;

Foalfoot boil in the water, inhaling the vapor is good for asthma and all kinds of shortness of breath.

Pure parsley juice is good for asthma. You can boil and drink parsley.

Pomegranate, carrot and onion are good for asthma.

Practical herbal prescriptions from asthma are good;

If you drink boiled mint juice without breakfast, it will be good for asthma.

Lettuce food is good for asthma. It can be eaten with lemon and salt.

Carrot juice can be repeated three times a day by adding a teaspoon of honey.

After one tablespoon of psoriasis and a pinch of dill are added to a liter of water, a teacup is drunk three times a day.

Flax seeds can be eaten by adding a teaspoon of honey.

In the morning before the breakfast can be boiled oranges.

Two tablespoons of sage, two tablespoons of beef tails, one tablespoon of anise, boil and boil three cups a day on an empty stomach.

One lemon is squeezed and the resulting water is mixed with a teaspoon of honey.

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