Neck Hernia? And Neck Hernia Symptoms?

 neck hernia

Any pain in the neck is not a hernia of the neck, but it is necessary to pay attention to the symptoms of the neck hernia

The first of the seven vertebrae bones in the neck and the other, except the second, are discs. The nerves are affected by the soft structure inside these discs. This may cause neck, shoulder, arm, back and back pains.

Symptoms of Neck Hernia

Symptoms of neck hernia , neck, arms, shoulders, back and lumbar spine are seen as the spread. These pains sometimes increase their severity, and may even cause numbness and loss of strength in the arm.

In the case of hernia progression, even the dissolution of the muscles can be seen.Therefore, treatment should be performed without allowing the neck hernia to advance.

In addition, every neck pain, neck hernia is not. In order for neck hernia to be pain, the pain should hit the arms and these symptoms should be seen. Pain is similar to neck retraction only in the neck and back, and other discomfort such as neck flattening.

Treatment of neck hernia

Neck hernia should be treated without progression to avoid serious problems. Surgical intervention may be necessary if neck hernia is advanced.

At the first stage, pain relief drugs, muscle relaxant drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, rest are administered to prevent progression. If the hernia is slightly advanced, physical therapy can be applied to the doctor.

If the neck hernia is too advanced, surgical treatment is required. Conditions requiring surgical intervention, loss of strength in the arm, melting in the muscles and need to be a dangerous course towards the paralysis.

In order to prevent neck hernia , it is important to avoid stress, because stress is the main cause of neck hernia and pain. In addition, to keep the neck warm, cold weather out of the wedge to catch the neck hernia is another important point not to be caught.

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