How should diabetics be fed?

Nutrition in diabetes requires considerable attention. How should people with diabetes be followed by a diet? We have compiled for you what should be considered when feeding diabetics. Let’s have a look at this together.

In order for blood sugar to continue at normal levels, the foods consumed by the patients are very important. The issue that needs attention is not to eat less but to eat beneficial nutrients to the body. What kind of foods should be consumed by diabetics, what foods should they stay away from?

Foods that diabetics should consume every day!

  1. Vegetables and fruits : oranges, apples, bananas, carrots, spinach.
  2. Cereals : cereals and bread (rice, bulgur pasta ..)
  3. Dairy products: milk, cream, yogurt M
  4. Meats : Red meat, Fish meat Et

Each of these 4 basic food groups must consume every day. In this way, the body receives the nutritional values ​​it needs.

Diabetes Patients What To Eat What Should Not Eat?

Diabetes patients should eat what to drink and do not think about the views of dieticians have prepared a nutrition guide. Here are the dietary needs of diabetics;

1. Healthy Carbohydrate

Carbohydrate consumption is very important for energy throughout the day. There are carbohydrates in healthy nutrition programs. Carbohydrate intake should be performed for diabetics. Carbohydrates are divided into two. Diabetes is the complex carbohydrates that should be consumed . Instead of sugary foods, fruits, whole-grain products, dried beans such as peas and lentils, low-fat dairy products , blood sugar will not rise suddenly.

2. Fiber Foods

Fibers regulate blood sugar. Enables food digestion more easily. Diabetics should prefer fibrous foods in the foods they consume during the day . Vegetables , fruits , nuts ,wheat flour or wholemeal foods should be consumed.

3. Oil

Diets in diets are of course fat. However, the oil used should not be monounsaturated or unsaturated. Almonds, walnuts, olives and olive oil should be preferred. But you should keep in mind that fat is high in calories. Make sure that you do not miss too much while consuming.

4. Sodium

Pickled and canned foods are foods with high sodium content. An important threat to the health of diabetics is the high amount of sodium in the blood. When you want to eat pickles as well as low-sodium and salt-free pickles. Pickle consumption should be restrained for blood pressure and diabetes.

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