Hello to the Summer Goodbye Edema

Are you struggling with the bloating of your body instead of enjoying the summer while the sun starts to blink and blink at us?

Many of you wake up in the morning when your rings are stuck on your finger, your face is swollen your eyes, the pants you wear every day, or if you complain that the shoe squeezed your body means you have edema.

Edema is a state of fluid accumulation in the body and is widely encountered. This may be a bit annoying when waiting for you at the hot sand, deep blue seas, beach parties, and summer parties.

But how can we get rid of the edema with natural ways and some non-difficult tips?

Pay attention to the amount of sugar and salt consumed! Cook the foods you consume less salty and never add extra salt, the salt holds the water in the body and is harmful. If you say you can not eat very tasty after cutting the salt you can add flavor to your dishes by increasing the spices.

Decrease daily sugar consumption by half and even cut off sugar consumption. You realize how many sugar you drink every day. Take your sugar needs from fruits.
Half a bowl of parsley consumed in the morning is one of the most effective nutrients. The ones you should eat without hesitation.

It is not until now that the cucumber is not on the lists prepared for health. It also helps to meet our daily water needs with the amount of water it contains; When it is fresh you are making yourself apart by relaxing the stomach.

Sleep also has an effect on the formation of edema. Poor sleep may facilitate the emergence of edema. Therefore, an average of 7-8 hours per day is important to pay attention to sleep.

Try to consume as much green leafy vegetables as apricots, bananas and cherries, as well as fruits that help to remove excess water in the body.

Consumption of kefir and probiotic yogurt during the day prevents the body from holding water and activates your digestive system.

Inserting your body into a specific rhythm is one of the important factors that prevent the formation of edema, you can get rid of the edema in your body by doing regular exercise.

And most importantly, drink plenty of water. Stay away from acidic beverages, alcohol and excess sugary drinks.

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